300 days

Blog Post created by stAn3 on May 28, 2019

I’m responding to the challenge.


After countless relapsed, I have 10 months not smoking. I’ve been having thoughts of wanting to smoke every day. They are not strong urges but all it takes is one moment of weakness to start the habit again.


i am grateful for my time not smoking but I know it is a one day at s time thing. I’m never cured. If I want to stay smoke free I am going to have to make an effort.


This time of year seems to be a problem for me. I got clean on June 1st. When my clean date approaches I start getting urges to use, drink, do other stuff that is addictive. I am staying aware of these urges and sharing with others about them. I know they will go away as long as I don’t use. I want to get a year of not smoking, then another year.


i will start grad school I’m the fall. I’m the past I let my fears of grad school be an excuse to smoke. It’s not happening this time. I’m prepared. I have no excuses for smoking. Not One Puff Ever. It gets much easier with time. The more time I get not smoking, the more challenges I go through without smoking, the stronger my recovery gets.


i had another job change and I’m struggling with it. I’m bored. I have not thought of smoking to deal with the job change. That’s another positive change for me, a sign of growth.