Blog Post created by stAn3 on Oct 28, 2018

The last 24 hours have been weird. I was in triggering situations and, of course, I wanted to smoke at some point today. I’m around people smoking all day when I’m at work. It doesn’t really phase me, but last night I was out with friends who pulled out cigarettes and smoked. I forgot my charger so my phone died, couldn’t reach out for support. They also drank. I’m in recovery so I don’t like being around people drinking. This morning I helped a family friend move. She’s a smoker and everything smelled like smoke. I still didn’t have my phone. Instead of reaching out to people, I prayed. I reaffirmed my decision not to smoke, no matter what. The craving passed. It helped that I was with my dad. He’s a former smoker. I figured I could talk to him about it if necessary. I didn’t have to. After I prayed it went away. Last night taught me that it is my decision to stay smoke-free, and it is my decision to not drink when cigarettes or alcohol are around. I simply have to remind myself of my commitment to recovery and use the recovery tools at my disposal. Sometimes your phone dies unexpectedly and you can’t call someone. You gotta take your recovery with you everywhere. I’m going to try to make sure I keep my phone charged. I don’t want a repeat of the last 24 hours. I figure it’s better to reach out for support than try to do recovery alone. Nevertheless it feels good to know I can survive a triggering situation without instant access to the members of my support group. I didn’t use the phone dying last night as an excuse to smoke or relapse on alcohol. No matter what means no matter what. I’m grateful for my recovery and the fact that I’m embracing the philosophy of N.O.P.E. Not One Puff Ever.