Blog Post created by stAn3 on Oct 1, 2018

I had strong cravings today. I shared about it at my 12 Step meeting. I’m sharing here too. I don’t want to drift away from the site.


I’m i came to the site tonight too. I needed to read the posts about depression. I’m scared I’ll never get my brain back again. I feel fuzzy headed because of my depression. I remember there was s time I didn’t crave nicotine when I was depressed. Depression is just an excuse to relapse. I am scared though. I never can remember what it’s like until I’m depressed. I remember the general pattern is that it gets worse over the course of winter. I guess I’m afraid I am in for some pain I can’t avoid. The reality is that I have a choice. I can exercise and use my mood light. There’s tools to deal with depression. I just don’t want to experience it.