I made it through

Blog Post created by stAn3 on Sep 27, 2018

I fell asleep last night (passed out exhausted) so I didn’t get to post. I made it through my first stressful event not smoking and not usIng nicotine. I chose not to go back to nicotine replacement. I want to end the cycle of relapse.


I am processing the feelings I posted. It’s heavy stuff. Something must be changing in me. Because I am participating in my community in a positive way. By doing that, I am changing how I view my community. Before my hate was so strong, I couldn’t do it. It’s normal to respond to injustice with hate. It is also self destructive. My goal is to be of maximum service so I must overcome my righteous anger and find compassion for people who hurt others. We are all human and subject to make mistakes.