8/1/2018 pt. 2

Blog Post created by stAn3 on Aug 1, 2018

I got 3 days smoke free. I had an incredibly productive day at work. I'm not tired. I had more urges to smoke today than the first two days. Everything I did was an activity I associated with smoking. The urges weren't strong though. After I made through the morning dread of anticipating misery at work, I moved from one task to another. I felt the urge to smoke, but let it go. I surrendered, just for today. The planning I did worked. I was prepared for what I had to face. Thanks for the responses to my posts when I was preparing to quit. Thanks for sharing your experiences, even though they had nothing to do with me. I read and try to take all suggestions that are given. I am celebrating this day not smoking, but I know I haven't made it. Tomorrow might be an easy day. It might be a tough one. I will need to keep treating my disease in order to stay smoke-free.