Beginning of Week 9

Blog Post created by stAn3 on Nov 20, 2017

I got another week smoke-free. I have a little over two weeks nicotine free. I had thoughts of wanting to smoke everyday at work. When I’m at home I don’t think about it. I also get cravings after I drink coffee. I am not giving in to the thoughts of wanting to smoke. I am waiting it out. I want my brain to adjust to being nicotine-free. I have to give it time. I’m tired of the continuous cycle of relapse. 


Everyday I pray to God for another day smoke-free. I come here, even if I don’t post.


i don’t have any money right now. That’s a big help. But money stress is also a trigger. I get discouraged when expenses pile up that I don’t have the money for. I’m wanting the financial benefits of not smoking but I don’t see them right now. All my money is going to my care and medical bills. I do feel calmer without nicotine. I feel normal. That is big. I was anxious all the time when I smoked and my body hurt and I did not feel good about myself. Guilt and shame were my constant companions. I am coming up on 60 days smoke-free, and I want to meet that goal, then shoot for 90 days.