I got 3 weeks

Blog Post created by stAn3 on Oct 16, 2017

Another week smoke free!

As I sit here at work, there are three coworkers trying to quit. It makes me uncomfortable because I see the mistakes they're making. I've told them what works for me--this site and the literature you guys recommend. I want to say something's my to them but won't. It's not about knowing. It's about doing. And it is about being willing.


i am grateful that I have made it three weeks. I don't really get cravings right now. The triggers that made me relapse in the past are present. I am not smoking over them. Although I am free today, I am not complacent. Relapse is my problem. The cravings will come back. I need to be prepared when they do, so I continue to do the daily work even though I am not really struggling at the moment.


I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks to everyone who participates in this site.