Starting again tomorrow, Day 1

Blog Post created by spsalsm on Jul 8, 2019

If I had known it would be so frickin hard to quit vaping....maybe I never would have started. Maybe. Then again, I've always had a streak of self-destructive tendencies. Either way...I had successfully stopped vaping for about 3 weeks. Then a week ago I just broke. I had a craving, got up from my seat, and made an intentional decision to go down to the vape store for a refill for my device. Before that, I made an intentional decision to retrieve said vape device from my wife's purse (where I had stashed it for safekeeping). 


It's been a week, and I feel like an abject failure. I feel like I'll be dealing with nicotine cravings for the rest of my life. I'm almost 37 now. That's plenty of years to have to sit and deal with that multiple times a day. Nonetheless, it still seems like a worthwhile effort. I'm better off without that poison. 


Vaping's so tricky, you know? Many of the reasons that are given for quitting smoking -- like smelling bad and inhaling 600+ chemicals, nicotine stains, etc. -- just don't apply to vaping. It doesn't smell bad. It doesn't taste bad. It doesn't leave burns on your clothes or yellow stains on your fingers. So I feel like I'm "stuck with" just the justification of not being addicted to nicotine (and the great expense, of course). That should be enough.


I've never tried this tactic before, of joining a community and putting my thoughts and feelings out there. Might as well try it; my track record for going solo apparently isn't stellar. I don't think the "accountability" factor will come into play: my wife holds me plenty accountable. I guess that doesn't work.


So day 1 tomorrow! Ugh. It would be awesome to have those 3 weeks backing me up again. But that's going to take another 3 weeks. Wish me luck! Thank you to everyone who participates here. It wouldn't be a community without you.


My mantra for the week (attached):