Six years

Blog Post created by sparky26 on May 26, 2020

Hello friends , hope someone remembers me i know you haven't heard from me. In quite a while . The cancer didnt kill me but it was a long recovery . 

But the good news is in 2 days its my 6 year smoke free anniversary. Yay ! 

Sometimes i think back to those early days i didnt think I could be like you , but you kept telling me yes you can .And i do beleave its because of all of you this site that i became an ex. And i am so gradful for it ,for all of you so i just wanted to stop in and say hello , thank you , i hope you all are staying safe . And to anyone who is just starting the road to freedom , its there for you , if you really want it , commit to it , it feels so good to be a non smoker. Ok its late so lets see if i remember how to post this blog . love ya sparky !