Four years  !

Blog Post created by sparky26 on May 29, 2018

It's been a year I think sense I checked in with y'all. I just had gone through all the cancer stuff . It was a long hard recovery ,but I'm still here and cancer free. 

And still a non smoker . Celebrating four years ! Yay me !

I wish I could figure out how to navigate my way around here , but I am so not tech savvy.  I did see many old friends on some blogs , y'all still here that's awesome . I remember when I first wanted to quit smoking , I thought , I am a smoker I well always be a smoker , but I'm going to try to change that ,one day at a time . Look , four years baby !

I love being free for my addiction to tobacco , I want everyone to know,you Can be a non smoker .You just have to want it for yourself.

Love to all , your friend sparky !