All things must pass

Blog Post created by sparky26 on Apr 13, 2017

Hello friends , it's been 2 weeks now sense my cancer surgery , the doctors are all really confident that they removed all the cancer , it didn't matastsise and 30 out of 30 lymph nodes were benign , so , that was great news. It's been a painful recovery, and it's ongoing , the mornings are the worst , and sometimes I feel so depressed , she'd a lot of tears these past 2 weeks . Did I forget to tell you I pinched my sciatic nerve trying to get out of bed ...yeah , tears . But , this well pass , it's easy to get stuck on the thinking that ,this moment well last forever , you know just like when you are craving a smoke , you think that crave well last forever , it won't , it doesn't. 

Last week a very special friend to my husband and myself passed always , his name was Larry , he had COPD , it was so bad at these end days he didn't have enough breath to speak . He was a kind and loving man , who had the biggest smile and would always be there to help a friend in need . Love him , well miss him . Take care of your health my friends , you really miss it when it's gone . Believe me .

Love and hugs to all , Donna