3 months!

Blog Post created by smiling_accountant on Oct 7, 2020

Today is my 3 month mark, which is just crazy to me. Some days have flown by (like all of September - no idea where that went!), while others have been a struggle almost every minute to get through it. I have not smoked 1,395 cigarettes in that time, and saved over $500! 

I'm almost to my 100 day mark, and from there it will be getting out of No Man's Land. I'm so looking forward to all the anniversaries to come on this journey. 

I honestly can say I would not be at this point if it wasn't for this site. You helped me choose to keep my quit when 4 days into it, I caved and smoked half a cigarette, and felt crappy about myself and somehow stumbled across this site while trying to find some hope and inspiration to not go back to smoking. I sure did find that hope and so much more. Thanks all!