Good Weekend

Blog Post created by smiling_accountant on Sep 27, 2020

What a great weekend, and it was 100% better by not smoking. Went to my aunt and uncle's yesterday, and my nephew also joined us for lunch. I never smoked around my family, so for once I didn't spend the whole time wondering when I could leave so I could have a cigarette. I was sent hope with a fixed car (my uncle buffed out some scratches), apple crisp, a bag full of apples, and iris to plant in my yard. The best part is some of the iris originally came from my grandma. My aunt has not only kept them alive for years, but graciously splits them and shares with anyone in the family who wants them. My grandma passed when I was young, so makes me happy to have a piece of her at my house now. I got them planted today. I'll have to post pictures in the spring when they bloom.