Blog Post created by smiling_accountant on Sep 23, 2020

I know several times in the last few days, on various posts it has been said the first few months is a rollercoaster. Maybe I was inviting trouble, because today I am an emotional pile. It's rather annoying, even to me, so God bless anyone dealing with me today. 

It started with a facebook group I'm a part of about hiking, I made a suggestion for some places to a lady, but apparently I didn't interpret her post correctly and she was just kinda rude. Not mean or nasty just rude, and I got teary eyed over it (for the love of...), like I was just being nice, you could have just ignored me all together if I was off base. But no, apparently I should have known she had been to one of the places I suggested and she was bored with it. Urg! I know it's stupid, and I normally wouldn't be upset but today the emotions are running high! Sorry just needed to vent instead of stewing about it. Have a great Wednesday!