Day 4

Blog Post created by smiling_accountant on Jul 10, 2020

Today is day 4 of my quit. There's been some tough times, but I kept pushing through my cravings, until today. It was a rough day at work, I haven't been sleeping well, and it caught me when my defenses were down. I had a slip, I lit a cigarette. However, I put it out half way through - the smell was awful, it made my throat burn, and I was just like What am I doing?!

So while I'm disappointed in myself, I'm going to keep on with my quit. It was a mistake and I'm going to move on. If anything, it helped me see (feel perhaps?) that I am ready to be done with this. So I went online to find support for the next time I'm struggling and joined this group. Looking forward to getting to the point where it gets easier!