Blog Post created by smbacon16 on Aug 27, 2019

Near Death Vaping News Article


This article was posted online 2 days ago, and is the story of a young man who ended up hospitalized, in a coma, and almost dying from sever lung damage due to vaping.  The pictures will scare you right out of the desire to vape.  Not to mention the man who died last Thursday, most likely from his vaping habit.  198 reported people have suffered from harmful physical effects that are most likely linked to vaping.  So scary.


I picked up the habit about 2 years ago in the food service industry, encouraged to try vaping by a coworker who raved about the buzz.  And it's true - the immediate relief from the nicotine in a vape is really nice.  But what's not nice is finding yourself being rushed to urgent care in the back of an ambulance because you are vomiting and can't breathe.  What's not nice is plastic tubes breathing for you.  What's not nice is not worth the vape hit.


Today I took the pledge not to smoke anymore after smoking this morning.  They say it takes 21 days to break a habit.  Starting with the first day.  My first day will be tomorrow, and now I have an end goal of how long it'll take before (hopefully) the cravings die down.  I have my quit plan in place and my triggers and supports identified.  I also came up with a "quit kit" filled with fidgets and motivations to help me when an urge hits.


I joined this blog because I think it's really important to give and receive support in this journey and to know I'm not alone!!  There's nothing worse to me right now than the regret I feel after hitting my vape pen, and I am encouraging myself that I don't have to feel that kind of regret again.  I refuse to.  So please reach out to me, and I'll reach back out to you!  I'm excited to be a part of this community.


All the best