Hey, I Am SREAMING Mad - HA! ... who knew

Blog Post created by sherri5 on Jul 6, 2009

I have done this before...been mad at myself...mad at circumstances...mad at the addiction...I think the only one I got really right was mad at the addiction.

I am really mad today " who gave this inanimate object the right to come to life scream at me on a regular basis and try to kill me? Oh I know it was me and no one else. But for those of you who call this a nicoDEMON I have to agree. Better yet a nico, ciga, addict-o, DEMON!!!

No more rights to this screaming killer! I think the DEMON thought the screams would make me give in. NO WAY idio-demon. You have revealed yourself to clearly this time & I am mad ... screamin back mad.

To my EX friend "The Cigarette Demon"
You are now my #1 enemy & THe fight is on! I don't care how much chewing, breathing, walking, baking, eating, reading, posting, napping, whatevering I have to do. I am going to fight to the death of one of us. And since I know if I give in the death is me ... I am super determined to out scream you and to kill you first!

HA, 'Who Knew' I Was Gonna Get So Mad

Not Usually A Mad Person, Sherri

All Replies Welcomed ... Don't Want to Get To Far Off on My Quit