Hi All!

Blog Post created by shashort on Mar 10, 2020

Just thought I would write and update. 5 weeks post op after shoulder surgery, doing and feeling better.  Still having a little pain but tolerable and have lots of therapy but I am surviving.  Still very limited on what I can do, but figured a way to type with both hands again.  YAY!!  I have been in here reading making sure everyone is staying in line and keeping NOPE with there quits. I have been reading many struggling with quits.  Please hang in there stay determined say NOPE NO MATTER WHAT!  You can do this. I swear!! Take it from someone who seemed to struggle a lot in the beginning of my quit.  I remember having thoughts I would never be able to do this but here I am with 1397 of freedom and loving life to the fullest no matter what life throws at me.  Believe me this freedom is worth all the hard work and effort you have to do.  You will love you even more, once you defeat the Nico dude.  Hang tough, be strong and say YES I CAN do this quit thing.