Hanging In there and cheering the Newbies

Blog Post created by shashort on Feb 23, 2020

You would think by now I would have this recovery thing down my now, but nope still sucks. Surgery went well.  The doctor was able to repair everything without problems.  I am already 3 weeks into recovery.  I can't use my right arm at all and typing with my left hand, which you know my struggles with my stubs.  But, what I can do is be positive, be determined and know this shall pass.  So newbies be patient find your determination, and keep with NOPE it will get you to that freedom you are seeking.  Although. I haven't been commenting, but know I have been lurking and reading and silently cheering on the newbies. Being patient with yourself though this process is a must. Stay close to us, keep strong and don't give into nico dude as smoking is not required no matter what!!  With everyday you get stronger.  Well it has taken 3 days to write this, so practicing patience too.  So don't give up, your in control of you  and can do what ever you set your mind to. Keep going I will be cheering you on. 1381 days free.