Good to be FREE!!

Blog Post created by shashort on Dec 24, 2019

Hi everyone!   I am free!    I missed my 1300 day celebration.  I have not had one puff off of a stinking cigarette and no nicotine in my body for 1320 days. I am  FREE and now officially allowed to quit holding down the bed and couch.  Still have to lay on my left side at night, which sucks as my left side hurts from laying on it.  I think that surgery would have been delayed if they would have told me I would be down for 2 weeks.  Oh well, life happens and smoking wasn't required no matter what!  Plus I look for the perks, in that being my wonderful hubby had to do my honey do list and put up with me whining haha.   Being bed ridden during preparing for Christmas sucks. Sorry it took a while to update . Trying to run around to get caught up on shopping, groceries and other stuff.  But I wanted everyone to know surgery went well, and I can see again, still a bit blurring, but they say it takes times for it to improve. Definitely better than before surgery. Thank you all for your prayers and always being here to support me no matter what ails me. Love to you all.


I see lots of new people in EX!  Holidays can be tricky, so have a plan and write down a list of things to distract you in case of a crisis.  Remember come here first before you smoke.  Find your determination, stick with your decision to stay quit. Keep with NOPE, NO MATTER WHAT and one day at a time will get you to that freedom.  It is not easy but will tell you once you reach the road of freedom you will not regret it.  Also, want to Welcome the QuitNet  to our EX  family .


Everyone have a Merry Christmas