The dudes and Me being me

Blog Post created by shashort on Oct 20, 2019

Howdy everyone! Both cataract surgeries are done!  Of course me being me, surprise! surprise! I did not escape the problematic complications from the wrinkle in my right eye causing blurry vision.  According to the cataract dude, the wrinkle will continue to worsen, which will eventually lead to it covering the visual field of the retina and eventually another surgery.  I see cataract dude on Monday for post op then back to the retina dude on Oct 29th to see if I can escape or delay any more surgeries.  So for now, right vision is great, using readers and doing short spurts on computer, so hope to be here more often.   I can tell you one dude I won't being seeing is the Nico dude, because  I don't do that anymore and that is me being me!   To the newbies, know that whatever life throws at you, smoking is not required and will only make matters worse.  Keep it with NOPE, No Matter What! and one day at a time and determination will get you to that freedom you are seeking. I am here with 1255 DOF, if I can get here so can you! You got this!!