Hey Peeps, missing everyone

Blog Post created by shashort on Sep 26, 2019

First things first, I didn't get a chance to talk about the reunion in May.  I really had a blast reuniting with some and  meeting many new people.  The party started, with meeting pir8fan Tommy and ShawnP Shawn at Baltimore airport and heading to Virginia together.  The highlights for me was fun in the sun hanging at the beach, then nights on the beach listening to Giulia and Mandolinrain Missy playing their guitar and the mandolin with many of us singing together in the wee hours of the night on the beach. The Saturday meeting of course always special and Giula wrote a special song for us  Quititude song we all sang together. Also Sunday the great water balloon toss and Frisbee throw.  I could go on an on, it was so fun connecting names and faces, and all the great conversations going on.  If you never been to one put it on your MUST DO list.  I loved the great forever friends I have made here.  Thanks Giulia for rooming with me.  Thanks to all who made this possible.


 Life has been crazy busy for past few months but I am fine.  Between my older sister (Lisa) having a heart attack so I needed to be with my twin to care for her, then care for Lisa when she got home and then Karen (twin).  had breathing  issues  requiring  ER  visits, when I am there I do not take my computer so I have quality sister time.   And In the midst of all that then I had another retinal detachment requiring laser surgery times 3, which made it difficult to see for a day or so and it causes horrible headaches.  My vision had gotten worse due to cataracts, so hard to stare and read on the computer.  Now retina tear is resolved, now off for cataract surgery on Oct 2 and 11 and then hopefully will be back on EX.  I actually have been working on a blog for 2 months but didn't seem to find time to finish it. Another thing, they did MRI on my foot and found I have a neuroma growing on the stump where they took my toe.  Not sure of the plan yet.  When it rains it pours and this old lady didn't have any time to snore lol.  But life has not been all bad I did get a chance to getaway for weekend with kids, grandkids and  great grandkids and enjoy great quality family time in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. It will be a weekend I will always cherish.  Then I did a getaway for me time and went to a women’s retreat for a weekend (which I would have never thought of as a smoker), and another weekend out with hubby celebrating our 24th anniversary.   And of course, I did get to manage some pool time. Have to take the good and bad, but overall life is good.  The greatest thing I got through all of this without one thought or puff of a cigarette.  It is so amazing that in my smoking days I would have never took on these weekend outings, because I never smoked around family, and would be hard to get my fix.  So yes today I am still enjoying my life of freedom from the Nico dude.  Today I am free with 1231 days FREE.  So to the newbies, know life does get easier with time.  Remember one day at a time,I don't do that anymore and NOPE will get you to the freedom you are seeking.


 I miss all of you and will be back soon.