Here I go again!

Blog Post created by shashort on Oct 1, 2018

Hey all still here just haven't been on here as much in past couple weeks. Life has been busy! Been spending lots of sister time as we decided to remodel her whole kitchen from ceiling, cabinets, sink, counter tops and new paint scheme for her walls, oh and of course new floor. It truly has been a good time spending it with family even though we are working. We are just enjoying being together.  This is one of the perks of being an ex smoker, is that you don't have to keep leaving to get a fix which leads  you the feeling of missing something like  not missing the paint fight, and or the food fight.  Getting done slowly but surely.  I just love I don't have to go run and hide to smoke anymore. I have noticed more newbies here congrats on making the decision to quit. For the newbies, I always wrote out the positive things I noticed about quitting smoking.  You have more time and money on you hands for sure. By now starting to notice breathing better.  When the crave hits tell your self you don't do that know more. My life saver is NOPE not one puff ever keeps me free and focused on my goal.

For the newbies, Just know with each day it will get better and better. Positive self talks can go a long way.  Tell yourself you CAN do this! Keep it all positive and your quit will go smoother.  yes we all quit smoking and so CAN you.  When struggling come here first to get help before buying cigs, it will save you life. Remember we are here for you.


As far as here I go again: Yes another surgery scheduled this Tuesday on my foot.  I am having problems with a neuroma and is hurting like heck.Will be weight bearing restrictions for at 4 weeks, if I follow the norms on healing.  Asking for prayers that it goes smooth and fixes my pain issues..  But as usual I will not smoke over it.  I haven't had not one single puff or even a cig in my hand for 871 days. And I am loving my freedom.