Blog Post created by shashort on Jul 28, 2018

Good golly It's hard to believe it's already 800 days really now 802 days um now 804 days okay now 806 days without a single stinking puff off a nasty cigarette whatsoever!  I have been trying to write this blog and life kept taking me away so here is another attempt. lol   In the beginning of my quit I never imagined I would make it this far. Was it easy HECK NO!! but possible and as they say around here DOABLE!  In the beginning of my quit or any quit for that fact you have to work it and do what ever it takes, and no matter what to keep with NOPE (not one puff ever), and keep your commitment. I had good days and bad days, and really ugly days and  truthfully I had to just dig deep within myself, dig both heels in the ground to keep myself from going to buy smokes by hollering NOPE, staying busy, coming here to blog, I also had people to  working with me on the sidelines to keep me on the straight path, what ever it took to keep me free is what I did.  Life is always going to happen but it is our choice on how we are going to respond to it. I chose NOPE and forever grateful to be celebrating all these days.  OH AND THE BENEFITS YOU REAP FROM QUITTING IS ENDLESS!  Read Sootie's blog Sootie  UNCOMFORTABLE.  Did it take you too memory lane?  Well remember those days of being uncomfortable and the feeling of social outcast, and all the effort it took you to find a way to get your fix. Also remember your day one and first few weeks of discomfort and don't want to go through that again.  Now I am living life comfortably and enjoying the things I like to do and you can too.  In the beginning it will take you time to feel comfortable but know with One Day At A Time, NOPE NO MATTER WHAT!! life brings us WE WILL GET THROUGH .  Believe it, know you CAN do it and you will live a comfortable FREE life.  OH yeah and at day 806 I rarely think of smoking, rarely a crave so just know it really gets better with time.  


So make the commitment, do the homework and stay close to this site and one day at a time you will find freedom. It is so worth the effort and hard work.  Write blogs, if need be look in Elders list and private message some of the people you feel comfortable with when the tough gets going because it will and you need to be prepared.  Feel free to message me for help if you need to just don't pick up or go buy nasty smokes.  Life is grand as an EXsmoker.