Thinger (thumb) update

Blog Post created by shashort on Apr 20, 2018

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know I went to the hand Doctor for my 6 week postop checkup.  I am happy to report those 3 ugly rods that was sticking up out of my thumb have been removed.   HURRAY!!!  And surprisingly there was no pain involved in the removal  of the rods. Whew (wipes my brow) with relief and glad that part is over YAY!!  He says he is happy with the position of the bone and it is still in the healing stages. So onward I go to OT again to work on mobility (again) for now until I see the doctor in 1 month then hopefully move into the strengthing stage (again) of therapy hopefully for the last time.  He is anticipating at least 3 months of therapy.  As for the nerve pain, looks like rerouting the nerves so far has worked, time will tell once the nerves start regenerating themselves.  So with all that being said as long as there are no complications or problems occur between now and end of OT, then hopefully that will be the end of this chapter of this journey.  Then hopefully move onto bigger, better, healthier happier days.  I can't even begin to express how grateful and thankful  for all of your love, care and support you all have given me.  I really believe that I would have not stayed on ex smoker through all of this without support and I am so thankful to be in this loving community with such wonderful caring people.  I love my 707 days of FREEDOM!  It is so much worth all the effort and discomfort in the beginning.  Some days we have to dig deep within ourselves and do what ever it takes , no matter what, with NOPE to get to there.  BElieve in yourselves and go for your dream of being free. You CAN do it NEWBIES!


Oh yeah ps:  I can now start typing with 2 hands again woohoo!! Watch out I am back! lol love you all