Post Op Update

Blog Post created by shashort on Mar 14, 2018

Well not much to report. Made it through week one post op and uneventful anyhow.  I have a big bulky dressing on my hand and not supposed to do anything with it exception to keep it elevated. I looked in a little peep hole to check thumb and um he said I had 2 rods and EEKS I see 3 in there. oh my!  Oh well won't fret it yet.I figured all this big bulky dressing weighs at least 2 pounds I can do bicep curls, shoulder presses and other exercises to get those arms looking sexy lol.  Actually this surgery (knock on wood) has not been as bad as I anticipated,  Plus I get to play the handicap card too and get by with it lol. Keeping it positive, oh yeah and learning to type faster with one hand.  I don't see the Doctor until march 28th so just doing what I can.  Staying positive with 670 days of freedom.  Newbies keep it in the positive thinking and you can be successful. Hope everyone having a good smokefree day.