I Can!!

Blog Post created by shashort on Feb 15, 2018

I can do anything  (well except smoke) because I dont do that anymore and I am FREE!  Since my surgery I CAN do lots of things that I haven't been able to do 15 months ago.  Although, I somewhat conquered blow drying my hair while styling with 2 1/4 fingers , now I can hold the dryer firm without conking my self in the head.  I CAN now grip silverware and cut my own meat and not rely on anyone to cut it for me. I CAN carry a cup in my hand. I CAN now grip handweights, so therefore I can now exercise my arms together evenly. Not that I like it  (and delayed as long as I could get by with) lol but I can wash dishes without dropping things and washing silerware much easier.  I CAN tie my shoes again.  So many CANS I now feel like I am back on the road to my being the independent me once again.

                                                           The biggest I CAN is; I CAN pitch this!! YAY!


                                                           now physical therapy for my foot begins.


I CAN quit smoking and I DID quit smoking 643 days ago. So the moral of this I CAN blog is that if I CAN then YOU CAN!!  Believe that you CAN quit and you WILL.  Some days you may have to Dig deep, find your determination plant both feet to the ground and you CAN and WILL find this freedom. Just know living this life of freedom is great and grander than you imagine.


As for an update on my hand there is unfortunately another surgery to get through as the bone is not holding up.  The way he explained it to me was the hand bone was bigger than the foot bone and was why that horrible rod was sticking out of my thumb was to hold the bones together until they mend together, which fell out earlier than he intended to pull it out but he was trying to be optimistic and was hoping with time it would straighten itself out but is not. He put a splint on my hand yesterday so I can't use it much.  So I will retract the CAN do dishes to can't do dishes (oh darn).  He will also cauderize some nerve bundles that are bunching up and causing nerve pain. Although, I am disappointed, I am not letting this get me down. As I said I CAN do anything since I quit smoking. I CAN and WILL conquer again.