What a great weekend

Blog Post created by shashort on Jan 22, 2018

The weekend started with a trip to Pigeon Forge for a group event with great friends from Indy who we were to spend time with and as well as meet new friends too. We have never been to Tennessee during the winter months so a drive through the mountains was a must and had its own incredible beauty separate from the spring/summer months.  They actually had snow and some ice formations on the sides of mountains that definitely made pretty scenery.  Fortunately the weather did warm into the 60's while we were there.  Although, it was a great time really I couldn't wait and was eager for Sunday to get here so I could finally meet Giulia in person. Rolled up to her house and was greeted by Giulia and her hubby and greeted with a big heart felt hug and we both had a excited happy tear in our eyes.  Wow what a wonderful time we had together. I so loved seeing her UGLY room, although I think it is an awesome room and was great to hear their stories of their acting careers.  Seen so many wonderful things in this room absolutely incredible things including pics of Giulia and hubby in their earlier days as well as cute picture when they were kids so adorable.  Loved those hippy jeans of hers from the 60's too. I enjoyed sitting and talking and getting to know more of Giulia and meeting her hubby and them sharing their past acting experiences they had, just incredible.  The guys seems to hit it off.  The one thing I regret is the time was short and went so fast. Thank you Giulia for allowing us to share time with you and Rend in the comfort of your home and for lunch too. It was so heart warming to meet you and I too will cherish this time we got to spend together too.  OK time for some bragging time we spent many hours in the car 6 hours to Pigeon Forge and 1 1/2 hours to Giulia's and 5 1/2 hours home and not one time did I think about smoking.  In fact , when we checked in hotel the clerk said no smoking in room or on the balcony,, In my smoking days I would have fretted, panicked and freaked out when he said no smoking. Then told him no problems I don't do that anymore.  The great thing about this freedom thing is that you don't have to worry or panic where to get your next fix. You don't have to leave on demand when Nico says to. It's great you get to stay and enjoy the company and conversation and not feel like you missed everything. Another great I got to enjoy the entire time talking and visiting Giulia without any interruption from nico dude. How cool is that?!!!!! The entire trip was relaxing and enjoying people I was with. You know what it does take time to get to this point in your quit but know it does get better.  You have to be patient with yourself and be determined that no matter what life throws you, you will not pick up a cigarette, as smoking helps nothing. You have everything to gain in life without Nico in your life.  Know and tell yourself you don't do this anymore, take it one day at a time and with NOPE as your mantra, You CAN do this. I know Giulia shared pics but will share my too. It is great to be 619 days free and meet other Exers.

                                      Great to meet you and next we will plan longer time to visit