Wow 600 Days!

Blog Post created by shashort on Jan 3, 2018

WOW WEEEE  I just went 600 days in a row without one single stinking puff off of a nasty yucky cigarette.  HURRAY!  I am forever grateful that I made a decision to save my life and quit smoking. I will tell you this has really been one heck of a journey. I had days I wanted to or maybe I did  okay  really I did kick, scream and shout my way through freedom. It definitely hasn't been an easy road to travel but as the Elders say here was DOABLE!  But definitely worth all the effort.  I am so thankful I found this site and made wonderful life time friends.  In short the way to freedom at least to me is make the commitment, stick with it no matter what life brings you. I also became determined to kick NicoDemon butt.  I followed the advice from some very great Elders. They kept telling me life as a EX will get easier with time. and today at 600 days I rarely have craves anymore. So know it does take one day at a time, saying NOPE (not one puff ever), I don't do that anymore and SINAO (smoking is not an option) to get you the success of kicking Nico butt. Just be patient with yourself and one day you will be here. Today I am truely happy I chose freedom and loving the life of breathing easier and better. I feel quitting smoking and defeating Nico dude Made me a better and stronger person today. Now I know I can do anything I set my mind to since I quit smoking. You can too.