Hay Ho!! A good Day

Blog Post created by shashort on Dec 14, 2017

Hi everyone hope all is having a great day. Is cold here, but at least not snowy.   HAY HO  HAY HO HAPPY DAY I go .  Had a doctors appt today on hand and foot, followed with physical  and occupational therapy.  Foot finally looking and feeling better YAY.  No more hopping and scooting!!! WOOHOO!!  Bye Bye walker!  Now comes walking in a boot. Kind of hard getting use to this darn thing, I feel like the boot makes me walk weird or clumsy.  I am hoping I don't fall on my face lol.  Kind of think it is too big but the PT says it's fine. As for my hand, may have to have a bone revision later down the road. For now we are waiting for healing to take place and see what movement I regain before any surgery decisions are made. Have you ever had a flash back of your mom telling you to do something and regret that you didn't follow her suggestion.  Well when I was younger learning to shave, mom told me only shave my lower legs to my ankles.  She would say whatever you start shaving you will have to forever.  Well me didn't like hair on my toes or legs.  So instead of listening I shaved my toes. Hum now I have a hairy thinger lol  Anyway just thought it was a funny little tidbit.  Well I know I won't smoke over my hairy thinger lol. Thank you all so much for being here and all your support, love and care you all have shown me.  Love you all and hugs to you all. Today I am here with 580 days of freedom, which is a great feeling and loving my freedom.  I would have never thought I would make it past 1 week and wow I am here with all those 580 days stacking up too by saying NOPE and following advice of elders will get you that success as well.