The Doctor says: Part 2

Blog Post created by shashort on Nov 30, 2017

I am now 7 weeks tomorrow post surgery and the darn Doctor stills says no walking, non weight baring for at least 2 more weeks when I go back to see him.  Although the infection is gone, the Doctor still don't like the way my foot is healing. So he changed to an ointment that helps debreed the wound and hopefully help it heal quicker.  So UGH, ARGH, DING, and DANG I have to scoot and hop the darn walker for at least 2 more weeks then maybe a walking boot then (fingers crossed).  As for the hand, well not the news I expected on that either the xray shows the bone is not holding up as they hoped.  It may require another surgery to revise the bone. He is rechecking in 2 weeks and then hopefully I will know more.  Not happy with the news but I know I will not smoke over it.