The Doctor Says...

Blog Post created by shashort on Nov 2, 2017

I had a follow up with the surgeon today. The Intern first comes in and said I was missing something in my hand and asked me if I could guess and said yeah the rod they put in my thumb came out.  So I asked if that was a horbile thing and he said they would have like to have kept it in a bit longer but they could work with it and I would have to be extra careful and not bear any weight or use it at all except for stretching the OT tells me to do. Then made a funny comment I heard you don;t do things the easy way.  AS for the thumb of course I have some infection in it and well for the foot  well of course I have infection in the top part of foot where they took material needed for my THINGER (name @giulia gave for my new thumb). They drew some drainage and doing cultures to make sure they have me on right antibiotic. They made me a new brace I have to wear unless I am doing the streching exercises.  I have to check my temp 3-4 times and call the Doctor if temp goes to greater than 100.5.  Whew I am praying this don't get out of controll like the last infection that required wound vac.  So I go back in 2 weeks.  Now they say possibly 8 weeks non weight bearing  UGH!!! I am thinking whew this is going to feel and seem like eternity before I can walk again. So I decided to take it one day at a time like our quits to help me get through. Also I am in the best of the best alite group who also non weight bearing so this too shall pass and amongst great company. Thanks for all the love, care, prayers and support and hugs to all. Love to all. Sharon