Blog Post created by shashort on Oct 30, 2017

Hi everyone!  Thought it was time to stop in to say I am hanging in there. Sorry haven't been in here much been trying to rest a lot and get the pain under control and typing with one hand takes forever. Home health has gotten underway. I have OT and PT 2x a week a, a nurse 3 times week and CNA 2x week. All the evaluations done now the therapy has started. Whew wee have to say all this hopping and scooting on this walker is a workout. Well I am glad to be home with my dogs and my comfy bed and well okay home with my hubby too he is my great nurse.  I am so happy I didn't have to go to nursing rehab.  He is taking great care of me.  Wednesday I have my 1st follow up with my surgeon.

 Will update Wednesday after my appt.  Thanks so much for all your love, prayer and hugs and sending back the love and hugs. I am so thankful for my EX family.`