Cheking In

Blog Post created by shashort on Oct 24, 2017

Hi all!  Sorry it took so long to check after I got home.  was a very crazy getting discharged on the weekend. Sent home with home health care and therapy to get me started on the road to recovery. I am home bound till November 8th my 1st dr. appt.  I have to say this 8 weeks of no weight bearing period is going to be long and hard. All I can use is a walker and hop and roll. I will say after all this hopping I should have buns of steal.  The weekend started rough because the nurse didn't send me home with enough supplies. Need tegaderm which is speical adhesive they use on my graft and didn't send any. Already been to ER due to a little fall and pain out of control.So it has been rough start but hopefully things start getting better quick. Will check in more often. Thanks to evryone for being here for me and being great prayer warriors. Oh and to those who have been on on wt bearing for a long while I sure do admire each and everyone wow this non wt bearing is not for sissy's. Hugs will check back soon.