500 Days Free

Blog Post created by shashort on Sep 25, 2017

My gosh hard to believe I have actually went 5oo days without one single puff off of a yucky smoke.  I like it, I love it and I want some more of it and I am definitely keeping this freedom thing going.  I AM FREE!  What is great about this freedom? I love that Nico Demon dude no longer controls me. I AM IN CONTROL OF ME!!  I get to do whatever I want and don't have to stop and hide for a smoke and a fix. I love visiting people, going places and having my grandkids over and not feel like I am missing something.  I love that I don't stink anymore. I love that my health has really improved and I can beathe and smell things again. Although, I am still learning who I am, I have to say I am no longer a hermit and I am learning  I can have a social life. and realizing how much my self esteem is growing. My list can go forever, why I love this freedom.  To those Newbies and those lurking, believe in yourself,  make the commitment not to smoke no matter what, you too can have this freedom. I am forever thankful to all the Elders who helped me get this far in my quit and taught me how to quit and believe in myself. I am  very grateful for finding this community as I really don't think I would have made it this far into my quit without all the wonderful people here.  Newbies listen, learn and read all you can and most of all believe in yourself and you too will be successful. Thank you all for being here for me!!!