Nico Demon strikes

Blog Post created by shashort on Sep 14, 2017

I was sitting on the balcony rocking in my chair when bam out of no where I get yooohooooo remember me you know you want a puff. Just for old time sake just take one puff,  then out of memory lane sake here comes the smell and taste of a cigarette. YUCK! BLECH!! Thank you Mr. or I guess Miss Nico Demon dude -ette (since I am a lady you know) heck humor me just go with it lol, for reminding me how bad you tasted and how you made everything stink and oh I remember how you demanded so much of my time. So um shew, go away and bye bye I love my new life of going where ever I want without having to hide, smoke, and get my fix.  I am enjoying being able to breathe again and exercise without feeling winded.  I don't stink anymore, I have a social life again and I am trying and doing  new things I never would have done if I kept you in my life. So beat it.  Then I was reminded of seasonal craves and this is the time of the year is when I loved sitting outside in the cool breeze and smoking.  The cool breeze relaxing in my rocking chair is still a trigger place for me but I will not the Nico dude I will keep on rocking. I am so happy I don't do that anymore. For the most part the second season into my quit has not been too bad. Keep with NOPE (not one puff ever and SINAO (smoking is not an option) and I don't do that anymore will lead you to success.