Thank you all so much

Blog Post created by shashort on Aug 17, 2017

Hello everyone! Wow thank you all for the birthday wishes. Wow my heart feels so warm from all the love and care. Today was a great day spent it with my twin sister and my best friend.  I feel very blessed to spend quality time just the 2 of us as it unfortunately has been a while.  Would like you to meet my twin Karen and my best friend. 4 years ago she had an aneursym rupture on right side of brain. We were told to say good byes to her. We refused!  When she started coming too and trying to communicate Drs again told us she would never walk or talk again.  We signed her out of nursing rehab she was in because they refused her therapy. 2 years later we finally brought her to my older sisters house as where she lived before the rupture.  We started Speech, occupational and physical therapies and has taken a while to rebiuld her strength.  Here she is today able to carry conversation and actually climbed in my SUV which shocked me and able to walk across the parking lot with only a cane. She has been through the ringer to and so very blessed to have this day to spend with her. I am very greatful for us to to keep her.around



                               Me                 and           Karen

                                                                                                                         This was our birthday smores

                                                                                                                          cake and it was heavenly


                      Thank you Bonnie Bee for shouting out my birthday,