Hopefully my last

Blog Post created by shashort on Aug 3, 2017

Here is my story as most of you know it but haven't updated in quite a while and will catch newbies up to speed.  In Dec I smashed my hand in my car door and severed an artery causing me to lose my thumb, index part of my middle finger and tip of my ring finger. Went through what seemed like a kabillion surgeries, infections up and downs emotionally and physically.  Finally, here we are in August and have to say this is the best I have felt for a long time and really feeling like me again.  I have learned to adapt without my thumb, is it easy without it NO, but I am still trying to do things like using the darn hair dryer in my left hand so I can style my hair with the right, and the darn thing tends to fall out of my hand and conk my head, cooking seem to be a big challenge, doing dishes conquered (darn I should have milked that one a little longer lol) but nonetheless I am adapting.  In June I told the hand surgeon that I decided to wait on toe to thumb transfer. Well yesterday I went for a follow up as I am having lots of nerve pain and it is due to the nerves still growing as they are trying to find digits and cannot.  So now I have to have surgery to excise the nerves so they don't continue to grow and affect my whole hand. With that being said, since he has to open me up anyway I have decided to go ahead with the toe to thumb transfer.  I am trying to put off the surgery until middle of September, if I can handle the pain that long. I will admit I am a bit anxious and nervous going into this but hopefully this will be the last surgery and I can eventually get back to living life.  But I know one thing for sure is I will not smoke over this.


So I guess to the Newbies you CAN do this quit thing, it just takes time to adapt to your new life stlye of freedom.  LIfe happens wether you smoke or not, so smoking is not required to get through life happenings.  I could have used this for an excuse to light up but in reality through my education smoking helps NOTHING and today I have 447 days of freedom and loving it.  Hang to NOPE and you can enjoy freedom too.