444 Days of Freedom!!

Blog Post created by shashort on Jul 31, 2017

I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I would blog on this 444 fun number. Wow can't believe I have this many days  of freedom..In the beginning the days seemed long, rough and tough at times ( won't lie) but lots of deep breathing, staying busy, blogging, stomping and shouting NOPE out loud, carrying mints and gum, and following elders advice and believing their promise it gets easier with time helped get me through. Now that I look back, one day at a time my days have stacked up quite nicely with 444 days of freedom.  Let me tell you I LOVE this FREEDOM thing. I love doing what I want and going where ever I want to and not have to worry about answering to that dang Nico Dude.  I love that I am starting to have a social life again,. I love that I can breathe again. Have I mentioned I love my freedom!!!!  This freedom thing is and was so worth all the effort you have to put forth to get there. Oh did I tell you the Elders were right life does get better and easier with time, with one day at a time, you don't do that any more and NOPE will get you to success.  If your struggling hang in there and do whatever it takes and you will be to be where ya want to be which is an EXer. You will LOVE this freedom too!  You CAN do this!