I loved EX5

Blog Post created by shashort on May 24, 2017

  Well the anticipation and the waiting for EX5  is behind us now.  Wow this weekend went so quick. This was my 1st reunion and Wowser and Wow WEEEE what fun we had.  I was so amazed how well we all connected and so quick.  It was like meeting family for a reunion. I have to say the trip was an adventure in itself.  We lost air conditioning in the car (90 degree temp), the car started making a loud noise, we got lost, GPS kept running us into walls, my phone was stolen, we were stuck in horrid bumper to bumper traffic, it started storming and having to close windows and having a melt down because no air, and we was in a car for 17 hours and did smoking cross my mind OH HECK YES but no way I was going to smell like an ash tray at an EXer reunion or starting day 1 over.   As I said that Nancy reminds me they would have smelled us and Ellens smoking does nothing for us got us through. I was amazed how everyone came to the rescue to help us through our car crisis which is what a family would do.  I am grateful to be part of this EX Community and very blessed to have been part of the EX 5 reunion.  Although the travels were rough, this experience was awesome and I am so thankful to have met such wonderful great people.  I will cherish all the new memories I have made though this reunion.  Thanks to Strudel, Michwoman and SkyGirl for all the hard work  to make this an successful event.


PS:  Some one called me today about finding my phone in a alley.  He is putting it in the mail and I should recieve it in a few days.