Great News!!

Blog Post created by shashort on May 11, 2017

Yesterday I had Doctor's appointment for my wound and my hand. He was impressed how well it is healing and Yippee and Hurray no more wound vac now just small dressing. Whew really feeling like a free women off my leash.  Good Dr for taking the wound vac off but darn with restrictions like no pool or swimming, well pooh, will have to miss some of my water areobics classes, but I can deal with it at least I still get to go to Virginia and without the wound vac so Yay me.  Hmm wonder if instructor would move the class to the baby pool there I can at least wade in the pool (Yes I am having an all about me moment on what I want lol). Everything health wise is starting to look better. Hand is pretty much healed and still in therapy. So back to some normalcy in life whatever that is lol. Well at least until September when I go for the next part and have  my toe amputated and put on for a thumb. What a journey this past year has been and can say No Matter What life throws at me I am 363 days and smoke free.


Thank you so much to all of you for hanging with me throughout this journey and for being here for me in all your thoughts, cares, concerns, prayers, cards and love you all have shown me during all my health struggles and so glad to be part of this great EX family. I have to say my heart was filled with so much warmth from all your love and concern when I read all the prayers and concerns for me. Thank you so much love and hugs.