Day 345 Free

Blog Post created by shashort on Apr 24, 2017

Well today is 345 days without one puff what-so ever. Today has been rather interesting as I decided to clean out the coat closet and getting rid of things we no longer wear as amvets comes tomorrow. I pulled out one of my old jackets that I haven't wore in a couple of years and what falls out of the pocket? Yep you guessed it a pack of cigarettes and it only had 4 cigarettes missing out of the pack. Whoa sitting here with the pack of smokes in hand and found myself reminiscing back to my smoking days and of course my Nico Demon brain started telling me oh just try one it won't hurt. Alrighty then that was enough thought on that subject marched to the sink and soaked those suckers and threw them in the trash. Then a little later my neighbor called me and asked if I wanted to go to Cosco with her as I have a membership and she doesn't and she wanted to check it out before she bought the membership. My neighbor is a smoker and when I got into her car and got a big wift of the stinky smoke smell it made me appreciate that I and my car don't smell like that anymore.While in the Cosco she went out a couple times to smoke while we were shopping. Then we stopped for dinner and she went outside to smoke twice which reinforced that I am glad I am in control of me and the Nico dude no longer has that control. I am so happy I do not have to stop in the middle of something to go have fix of nicotine. So now to bed with another day won and 20 days to go to celebrate my one year of freedom anniversary. Woohoo loving my freedom. Saying NOPE and know SINAO will lead to success and you will love it too!