Keeping it real today

Blog Post created by shashort on Apr 11, 2017

My past couple days have been a bit challenging in my Nio brain.  The thought of smoking came then the smell and taste of smoke in my senses. YUCK!!  So today burning candles and lots of mints is my plan.  Good thing I know thoughts are thoughts and I don't have to act on it.  I know I won't smoke over it but thought if I write it the nico dude will leave me alone. Not to scare newbies but sometimes later in your quit they can jump out and grab you and shake you a bit, that's why being viligant and aware of your thoughts and surroundings is needed to protect your quit.  I am on 333 (another fun number) of freedom with 32 days to go for my one year. So for me still one day at a time and NOPE!!! SINAO!!! and I don't do that anymore will help you succeed. HOpe everyone is having a good smokefree Tuesday.