35th Day - The choice is ours

Blog Post created by sharon54 on Sep 8, 2008

I just took a walk down to the mailbox outside of my office building (a designated smoking area) and met up with a former smoking buddy from a different office. I dropped my mail into the box and complimented her on her new hair style and went to go back inside. She asked me if I had quit, so I told her yes, about 5 weeks ago. Her reactions were mostly typical,"You look great!", "Good for you", "How'd you do it? (while chatting I mentioned this site and the wonderful people and ideas)," But the reaction I thought was the absolute best "You B**ch, you haven't even gained any weight" LOL, okay I have gained 3 or 4 pounds, but to have her say that was great! Especially since I am determined to start back at the gym .. grins ...


Did I encourage her to quit? No, I let her lead the conversation since I really believe that each person needs to quit in his or her own way and time using their own motivation and drives. She mentioned that two of her sisters had quit with little to no problem, but she has not found her motivation yet, but that she was surprised at how "easy" a quit seems to be if the motivation is there; I assured her that it is not always easy, but if your motivation is true, it becomes a choice to remain smoke-free.


For me when I get to choose, life just seems less complicated and stressful.


Just for today, I choose to remain smoke free


Wishing everyone on this site a wonderful,smoke-free day