21 days - but feel like I'm doing something wrong...

Blog Post created by rwb on Jul 10, 2017

It's been 21 days.  I read Allen Carr's book (3 times prior), visit this site multiple times daily, currently on Wellbutrin, and most importantly feel like I went into quit this with a really positive mindset.  I am constantly reminding myself that I'm free and that this quit is a wonderful thing - as opposed to "moping in my quit." 


That said, the psychological urges haven't lessened at all.  They haven't necessarily increased, but today feels no easier than 2 weeks ago.  At this point, the constant verbal reminders, walks around the neighborhood, deep breathing are starting to become exhausting.  While I continue to repeat NOPE in my head as I type this, today is the first time in the past 3 weeks that I'm beginning to question whether I will truly make it to the other side.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.