50 Days!

Blog Post created by ruesella on Jan 14, 2021

Wow, I'm so excited. Fifty days without a cigarette or using a vape. 


Every once in a while I'll have a super-strong craving ... but you know what? It passes. They pass. They only last as long as you let them, as long as your brain gives them oxygen. Get up. Walk around. Drink some seltzer. Chew some gum. 


My biggest trigger is walking outside. Walking was my "me" time when I was back in New York City; it's when I would sort of meditate, chill out, and smoke or vape. Even when I moved upstate it was my vape time. And it's terrible that I have a healthy habit permanently associated with an unhealthy habit. I've been working out indoors a lot, which feels great, but I want to kick that association of walking with smoking/vaping. Walking without that crutch just doesn't seem as fun and rewarding. 


Other than that, quitting is easier than I imagined. The first two weeks were the worst. And I've put on a bit of weight. But my blood pressure is better, my energy is higher, and I don't smell like a dirty loser. That's a win!