Approaching No Man's Land

Blog Post created by rosycowgirl on Jun 19, 2017

Tomorrow I will be at 28 days of freedom! This past month has been one of my more stressful times at work-- and I have been so grateful over and over again that I was not smoking! Before I started quitting I had all of this fear about quitting during a stressful time, but the more I've learned about nicotine and smoking addiction it now makes sense that I am more stressed when I am smoking. I was able to focus on the tasks at hand, not mentally busy planning my next fix. I was able to devote my efforts to my self care on any breaks I had, and when a craving did pop up I successfully took a step back and acknowledged the craving, and remembered that smoking does not make my problems go away, it does not make me feel better, and I promise myself Not One Puff Ever. 


Now I cycle into a different work schedule and have more time to devote to my personal life-- and now I am entering no man's land. That time I've read about on this site between 30 days and 130 days. Even though I know that it will be rough, it will be one day at a time, I am excited to make it farther than I have in other quits. I want to be sure to stay present here with the Ex community during this time, getting my daily dose of support instead of waiting until I need it!