Struggling to commit to the quit

Blog Post created by rosycowgirl on May 19, 2017

I started quitting in October after smoking for 9 years. It was a relief to be able to even think about quitting and wanting to quit. I wanted to go for a run for the first time in my life! I read Alan Carr's Easy Way and it blew my mind. I was done being sucked into the smoking trap. Since then I've decided to quit, set my date, and stuck with it for 7 to 45 days. Over and over and over. I will slip a little, get back on track, slip a bit more, and then buy a pack. Then I'm a smoker again for a week or a month, then I get sick of it, and recenter myself and quit again and love it, feeling free, and then I slip. 


I've found my trickiest times are days 1-8, and that tricky number 45 that I haven't gotten past. Can you guys point me to any resources or motivation to help me refocus again and push past the urge? How can I best support myself when I feel my weakest?