Happy to be alive and smoke free!

Blog Post created by rollercoaster831 Champion on Oct 9, 2018

There is no easy lead in for this so I am just going to say it.  I am lucky to have walked away.  I am grateful I don't smoke.  Don't drink and drive!


I had a very bad car accident this past Friday at 12:45PM.  I will spare everyone the details, but the short story is that a 2001 Chevy Tahoe swerved into my lane and I T-boned his SUV.  I drive (or used to drive) a 2016 Honda CRV.  I walked away.  My air bag deployed.  The other driver was arrested at the scene after failing a field sobriety test and two breathalyzer tests.  Neither the driver nor the passenger of the other vehicle was injured.


I am very bruised and sore, mostly from the hard impact (I was going maybe 40 mph) and the seatbelt holding me in place.


Once we were all out of the vehicles and police, fire, and ambulance were on scene, the other driver and passenger lit up smokes.  I had called my husband and he was there within minutes since this happened about 1 mile from my house.  I said to him when I saw them light up I was happy I didn't smoke, but I would love one right about now.  He turned to me and said, "no you wouldn't"; it wouldn't help anything."  I agreed quickly and then thanked my lucky stars again that I was ok and would be going home to my husband and kids.  It is only a car.  I am ok (enough).


I am truly happy to be alive and smoke free!


PSA - Please please please NOT drink and drive.  Do not get into a car with someone who has been drinking.  Do not ask someone who has been drinking to drive you if you have been drinking and think they are more sober than you.


The other driver and passenger are innocent until proven guilty (and they better be proven guilty so they are never on the road again!).