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I was traveling for work this week and was at a conference in Nashville, TN.  Anyway, I have been to Las Vegas and know that you can smoke in the airport as designated areas.  You can pretty much smoke almost anywhere in Vegas including in your hotel room.  


I was not expecting to see a "Smoking Room" (yes, that is what it was called) in the Nashville airport right before gate C10.  It was weird and strange and I was immediately disgusted at the thought.


On the bright side, I was not able to smell the smoke from the terminal where I was walking.


So weird these days to see smoking allowed anywhere inside (other than in Las Vegas or the casinos of cruise ships).


I just found this on Google:

Smoking is only permitted in: (a) Designated areas outside of the terminal facilities on all three levels of the terminal, and (b) Graycliff Boutique & Lounge (with purchase), located on Concourse B, near Gate B-10, and on Concourse C, near Gate C-10.


I also found that they charge $6 to smoke in that room.  You can come and go as long as you have a hand stamp.  Glad I was able to save the cash from not buying smokes AND the $6 to smoke them! 


It is also interesting to know that I am sure there was a time I would have been very excited to pay the $6 (or more) to be able to smoke inside an airport AFTER going through security (especially if my flight was delayed).


SINAO and NOPE!  Glad those are in my wheelhouse now!



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